Additional parts available for upgrading your serpentine belt drive kit:

Billet pulleys – we started making our own pulleys since people were having a hard time finding the crank and water pump pulleys from dodge magnum truck engines. Not only do we make the crank and water pump pulleys but the idler, tensioner, power steering, and alternator as well.

Anodizing – since our kits are made from usa made 6061 aluminum, the anodize very well. Every part of our kits is billet, there are no cast parts.

Stainless braided power steering hose kits – this includes a section of high pressure teflon stainless braided hoses and two 90° high pressure end fittings. You assemble it just like an style fuel line. You can cut to fit for an exact fit to your vehicle.  We also supply the pump fitting and the gear box fitting

Experimental kits

  • Ultra low mount ac and electric drive water pump. Every now and again, we have requests to do custom kits. This kit also features a power master 1 wire alternator, and a sanden 508 ac compressor, and a modern ZF style power steering pump
  • These will eventually be for sale once all the design issues are worked out. Keep an eye out if this is something you need.