Cam Position Sensor Bushings

  • Small block

  • B block

  • RB / hemi

Our CPS bushings are designed to drop right in on all the common mopar engines.  If you want to run sequential efi you will need a cam position trigger input to your computer.  This kit allows the use of a 2000+ jeep cam position sensor in your v8 engine block.  

The CPS bushing features dual o ring seals one to seal to the block and the other to seal to the shaft of the cam sensor.  There is nothing worse than oil bubbling up and running down a freshly painted engine. Kits come complete with mounting bolt, cam sensor sold seperately.   $65.00

When installing the cam position sensor make sure the tang of the sensor engages the slot on the oil pump drive.  Cam sensor can then be rotated independently to adjust signal position as needed.

The jeep sensors as seen here are a standard hall effect type switch and require a 3 wire pin out.

Connector part number: Standard Motor Parts S2099, Airtex 1P1715